Truck Drivers and Fatigue Laws: You May Want to Opt for the “Cars Only” Lane

Based on a USA Today Investigation, it has been shown that there are “hundreds of impaired drivers on the road” ...
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Driving and Cell Phones Do Not Go Well Together

In New Jersey, driving while using a cellphone, whether it is talking, texting, or emailing, is banned. As distracted driving ...
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Initial Steps To Take When Injured In An Accident

The first reaction people have when they are involved in a motor vehicle or fall down accident is almost always ...
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Why Extended Medical Coverage Is Important

In all standard New Jersey auto insurance policies the insured is provided with PIP coverage. PIP provides medical benefits to ...
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Uber & Lyft Accidents: What You Need To Know

Now that ride sharing has become the new norm of transportation, there have been developments in the law that everyone ...
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Injured at Work? Your Three Rights

In New Jersey, employers are required to maintain workers compensation insurance for their employees. If you are injured while in ...
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Selecting Healthcare Primary on Your Car Insurance Policy: Cheaper but Beware

One of the initial decisions you will have to make when enrolling in a car insurance policy is selecting health ...
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UM and UIM Coverage: Optional, but Not Really

Imagine getting into a car accident that was not your fault and getting severely and permanently injured. Now imagine suing ...
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