A Union County woman who sustained multiple neck and shoulder injuries after her vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer received a $1.2 million settlement in November of 2022.

In the midst of rush hour in Cranford, NJ on March 12, 2020, the victim was stopped at a red light on Cayuga Road waiting to make a left turn onto Centennial Avenue, a part of her everyday commute home. While briefly surveying the scene, anticipating the green light, she saw a tractor trailer approaching behind her. In the few moments of pause, that tractor trailer, attempting to make a wide left turn, hit the rear passenger side of our client’s vehicle. At the time, the injuries did not seem so severe, causing her to cautiously deny treatment with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, time would prove otherwise. Later diagnostic testing would reveal that this accident had afflicted her with multiple herniations of the cervical spine as well as a rotator cuff tear, bursitis, and impingement in her shoulder. Despite treatment for nearly a year with pain management and other conservative treatment, relief was not able to be found resulting in our client undergoing C5-6 cervical fusion and diskectomy as well as a later shoulder arthroscopy. Through the help of some of New Jersey’s best doctors and years of treatment, we can gladly express that our client is doing much better. We’ve helped in that recovery by fighting on her behalf to reach a fair settlement that will properly compensate her for her sufferings. Gregg Williams led this effort for the office and participated in a successful mediation with Judge Codey and the defense counsel. The use of alternative dispute resolution allowed us to secure a prize of $1,250,000 on behalf of our client.

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