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5 Best Things to Do: After a Car Accident

1. Stop. As soon as it’s safe to do so, stop your vehicle. 

2. Call the Police. You may be required to call the police if anyone has been injured, and it’s always best to have an officer at the scene in any case.

3. Be Careful What You Say. Statements you make at the scene to the other drivers involved in an accident almost always do more harm than good.  Its best to wait in or by your own vehicle for the police to arrive.  

Be Careful What You Don’t Say.   If you are feeling any pain or discomfort after the accident its best to tell the police officer about this.  Even if you are going to refuse medical attention at the scene, its best to have the police officer document any complaints you have.

4. Don’t Make Any Agreements. Striking a deal with the other driver is almost always a bad idea.   Offering to make a deal at the scene of the accident with one of the other drivers is the best way to hurt any future claims.  The insurance company will use these statements against you to make it appear that you are not being genuine. 

5. Take Photos of the Scene and other vehicle(s). Pictures are the best way to preserve the accident scene and capture the extent of vehicle damage.

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Best Time to Travel during the Easter Holiday Weekend

Traffic experts have revealed the best times to get away over the Easter Holiday weekend, with up to 12 million car trips expected across the country.

Good Friday will be the most likely day to get stuck in a traffic jam, with a total of 4.4 million journeys being made by road.

Drivers are warned to avoid travelling on the during peak congestion times, from late morning to the afternoon.

Instead, the RAC’s official advice is to set your alarm clock and hit the road early, or wait until traffic has died down in evening.

Dan Croft, incident group operations manager at traffic information service INRIX, said: “Drivers in the UK are all too familiar with traffic jams. In fact, the average UK driver lost more than 170 hours to congestion last year. During peak hours over Easter, journeys could take UK drivers three times longer than usual.

“We are predicting Good Friday will be the worst for traffic from late morning into the afternoon. For drivers looking to avoid the worst congestion, the best options are to travel on Saturday, set off early in the morning and keep updated with real-time traffic data.”

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$1.5 Million Arbitration Award for Injured Minor

A mom and daughter day out turned into a three-year legal battle culminating in a $1.5 million arbitration award for our client.    On July 25, 2015 a sunny and warm summer day, a SUV ran a red light and broad-sided the vehicle in which our client was a passenger.  Following the accident our client was taken to the emergency room by ambulance where she was admitted for a severe head injury.   Following an eight-day hospital stay our client had to undergo multiple rehabilitative therapies such as cognitive therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.   After completing therapy our client returned to a normal and active life where she went back to school and playing soccer with her friends. 

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How to Choose an Attorney Best for You

  1. Certified: Less than 2% of all attorneys in New Jersey are Certified Civil Trial Attorneys-Gregg A. Williams is one of those who has this prestigious distinction. A certified attorney is best to represent you in a personal injury case as they are the most experienced trial attorneys and are required to pass a rigorous certification vetting process including additional board exams other attorneys have not passed.
  2. Specialty: It is best to choose an attorney who focuses his or her practice on one specific area of law, not a myriad of areas—with expansive knowledge in that one area of law and that will best serve your needs as a client. The Law Offices of Gregg A. Williams focuses ONLY on personal injury accident cases.
  3. Proximity to you: It is always better to retain an attorney close to your home and in a central location in New Jersey. The Law Offices of Gregg A. Williams is located right in the heart of East Brunswick, right off the Exit 9 New Jersey Turnpike. It is best to have an attorney who is close to your location.
  4. Experience: The best attorneys are the experienced ones. The Law Offices of Gregg Williams has over 20 years of experience practicing personal injury law. It is in your best interests as a client to choose an attorney who not only has experience in law, but in a specific area of law.
  5. Home Team:  It is best to have an attorney who practices often in the court and county where your case will be venued. Our trial attorneys have tried cases in nearly every county in the State most frequently Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Union County, Essex County and Somerset County.    
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$350,000 settlement after slip and fall at Target

$350,000 settlement for an Essex County woman who injured her knee and back when she slipped on snow and ice walking into a Target store. The firm brought a lawsuit against Target and the snow and ice landscaper who was responsible for clearing the walkways. The case settled following a mediation several weeks prior to trial

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Do I have to pay taxes on money I am awarded in a personal injury lawsuit?

One of the most frequent question my clients have is, “Do I have to pay taxes on money I was awarded in a personal injury lawsuit?” Yes, but with a caveat. Money awarded in a personal injury lawsuit for compensatory damages such as pain and suffering, disability, impairment, and loss of enjoyability of life are not taxable. However, the caveat is that money awarded for economic damages-such as wage loss or loss of business opportunity-are taxable, because economic damages are income related losses.

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Personal Injury Settlement for Injuries after a Truck Accident: $375,000.00

A union county woman was struck in the rear of her vehicleby a tractor trailer, resulting in injuries to her back which required backsurgery.  This client had an extensive history of back problems from prior car accidents.  The firm was able to establish that the new accident aggravated the pre-existing back problems.   The case settled for $375,000 after arbitration.  

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$975,000.00 for worker who received an electric shock

A former Lowes Employee was injured while working when he was operating a defective carpet cutting machine. While attempting to use the machine, he sustained an electric shock and was thrown back. The client suffered neck and back injuries as well as nerve damage, necessitating surgeries. The liability expert’s testimony established that the carpet machine wire was defective and was the cause of the injury.