5 Best Things to Do: After a Car Accident

1. Stop. As soon as it’s safe to do so, stop your vehicle. 

2. Call the Police. You may be required to call the police if anyone has been injured, and it’s always best to have an officer at the scene in any case.

3. Be Careful What You Say. Statements you make at the scene to the other drivers involved in an accident almost always do more harm than good.  Its best to wait in or by your own vehicle for the police to arrive.  

Be Careful What You Don’t Say.   If you are feeling any pain or discomfort after the accident its best to tell the police officer about this.  Even if you are going to refuse medical attention at the scene, its best to have the police officer document any complaints you have.

4. Don’t Make Any Agreements. Striking a deal with the other driver is almost always a bad idea.   Offering to make a deal at the scene of the accident with one of the other drivers is the best way to hurt any future claims.  The insurance company will use these statements against you to make it appear that you are not being genuine. 

5. Take Photos of the Scene and other vehicle(s). Pictures are the best way to preserve the accident scene and capture the extent of vehicle damage.

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Gregg Williams