Umbrella Injuries on Labor Day Weekend

With Labor Day Weekend fast approaching everyone is excited about end of summer barbeques, picnics, and spending the long holiday weekend down the shore. Whether on the beach, or having lunch at your favorite outdoor restaurant, umbrellas are everywhere you look. While seemingly harmless, umbrellas are often left unsecured, unlocked, or otherwise erected in an unsafe manner. When this occurs the umbrella is susceptible to becoming airborne when hit with a gust of wind. Data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicates that more than 31,000 people were treated in hospitals for umbrella injuries between 2008-2018. US Senator Robert Mendez from New Jersey has asked for regulations to make umbrellas safer such as requiring them to have printed warning labels. Our firm has handled numerous cases where a victim was struck by an unsecured umbrella. If this happens to you call our Attorneys at 732-514-6635.

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Gregg Williams