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“Sami’s Law” to Provide Increased Protection Uber/Lyft Passengers

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation requiring ride-sharing services to show additional identification after the March 2019 brutal murder of a University of South Carolina student police say got into the car of an Uber impersonator.

“Sami’s Law,” which will take effect in March 2020, will mandate that rideshare drivers to comply with the following regulations:

  1. Display two identifying marks on the front windshield and the rear window of their vehicles;
  2. Rideshare companies will be required to create two copies of a unique barcode passengers can scan with their smart phones to confirm their driver’s identity;
  3. Rideshare companies must issue two credential placards for drivers to place on the passenger and driver side rear windows. The placards will contain a driver’s name, photo, and their license plate number.

Per New Jersey’s version of the law, rideshare drivers who fail to comply with requirements will be subject to a $250 fine. Any rideshare company that does not implement mandatory measures may also have their operating permits suspended or revoked.

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