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Thanksgiving: Most Grateful for Safety

Everyone has heard of this little theory before: Thanksgiving Eve is when all the car accidents happen.

A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration credits the increase in accidents during this time of the year primarily due to the fact that there are just many more vehicles on the road than during other times of the year.

Doctors have long known that the overall U.S. mortality rate annually spikes around Thanksgiving, and remains elevated through the winter. Some of that is because of seasonal effects, like the increasingly chilly weather and the annual spread of the flu. But Thanksgiving sticks out as an especially dangerous day, and there are two major culprits: Car accidents and coronary events. Increasingly at risk this time of the year are the elderly who deviate from their normal daily routines due to last minute supermarket runs, traveling to see family, and preparing for the long weekend ahead. It would be remiss if not mentioned: there is ample hard cider and spiked eggnog to go around, increasing the likelihood of drunk drivers on the road. So while it is fun to be in the holiday spirit and all, let’s all be a little more cautious on the roads this Thanksgiving holiday-surely something everyone can be grateful for.

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving from our family at the Law Offices of Gregg Williams to your family.

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